About Youth Outdoors Unlimited

Mission Statement

Youth Outdoors Unlimited, Y.O.U., is a Central Washington based, non-profit corporation organized to take youth who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and/or physical disability and who have a DREAM to hunt or fish on their own outdoor adventure.

Vision Statement

Youth Outdoors Unlimited is committed to providing those with a passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors an opportunity to share the common joy and experience of the outdoors with these special children and their families. Y.O.U. was created to foster faith, fun and fellowship among present and future hunters and anglers. Y.O.U. directors and volunteers are stewards of the future of hunting and fishing and will act in accordance with the highest ethical standards. The Y.O.U. organization will always display proper respect for game, landowners, other hunters and anglers, the public, and all fish and wildlife laws and share these ethical standards with our youth, their families and our volunteers. Youth Outdoors Unlimited is committed to using this opportunity to build interest and awareness about hunting, fishing and experiencing the outdoors in the great state of Washington and the rest of our nation.

cindyCindy Carpenter, Executive Director

Cindy has been a golf professional for over 30 years. Her interest in hunting and fishing grew when she married her husband Joe Carpenter. Joe taught her an avid interest in the outdoor community outside of the golf course. In the fall of 2010 Cindy and her husband, Joe, decided that they wanted to share their joy for the outdoors with children with disabilities and other extraordinary medical conditions. Her love for children and her long time experience in teaching led to the beginning of what is now known as Youth Outdoors Unlimited. Cindy has 4 beautiful children and 3 wonderful stepchildren. She is married to her hunting and fishing partner, Joe Carpenter and together they are honored to share the great world of hunting and fishing with extraordinary youth.
Contact Information

Email: you@youthoutdoorsu.org
Cell: (509) 431-1604

Rex Peterson, President

Rex lives in the heart of Roosevelt elk and black tail deer country, alongside the world famous salmon and steelhead rivers on the Olympic Peninsula with his wife and two sons. He grew up hunting and fishing in the great Pacific Northwest with his dad and grandfathers. After losing his arm in a car accident, he took refuge in the healing power of the outdoors. He lives his life facing challenges head on and overcoming the loss of his arm to become a better person. Rex inspires those around him to overcome the hurdles they face, whether with his own two sons or through the outstanding charitable organizations he partners with like Y.O.U.. The passion for pursuing big game and sport fishing has driven him across North America, overcoming every obstacle he faces to chase his dreams of heavy packs and screaming reels. As the owner of Horns and Hooks Media and a successful construction business, he has learned the leadership skills and vision needed to help grow Youth Outdoors Unlimited to positively impact as many children each year as possible. Thank you all for you generous support of this great organization.


joeJoe Carpenter, Guide Manager Coordinator

Joe has always been a lover of the outdoors. If he's not hunting or fishing he's enjoying the outdoors in some other way. Joe has been a contractor in the Moses Lake area since 1979. He has more than 40 years experience as a hunter and angler. He loves to introduce youth to both of these sports and his kind and confident way of teaching is comforting to our youth and well received. Joe lives in Moses Lake with his wife Cindy and the very blessed blended family of 7. Joe has two sons and a daughter.
Contact Information:

Email: joe@youthoutdoorsu.org
Cell: (509) 750-7609

chrisChris Newhouse, Treasurer

As a long-time resident of Moses Lake, Chris has always been an avid hunter and angler. He is a CPA with over twenty years of experience and a partner with the firm of J. R. Newhouse & Company. Chris has served as Y.O.U.’s Treasurer and a Director since the organization was formed in early 2011. Chris is a great consultant for Youth Outdoors Unlimited not only for financial guidance but also for his knowledge and experience in dealing with youth with disabilities. Chris and his wife Jennifer have two wonderful children, Rachel and Wyatt.

Contact Information:

Email: cmn@jrnewhouse.com
Office Phone: 509-765- 5667


  • Rex Peterson, President
  • Ethan Janke, Vice President
  • Chris Barker, Secretary
  • Curt Carpenter, Director
  • Mike Sandmann, Director
  • Bob Kenner, Director
  • Joe Hale, Director
  • Kirk Jungers, Director
  • Diana Anderson, Director
  • Rob Carbon, Director
  • Martin Monsey, Director
  • Craig Harder, Director
  • Kurt Beckley, Director
  • Roxanne Martinez, Director

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