Y.O.U. Adventures

All youth adventures are one child at a time and we strive to fulfill the youth’s specific hunting or fishing request.  Depending on the number of available trips during the application year we may need to suggest a different adventure but we make every effort to grant the child’s specific wish.

Fishing trips are typically 1 to 3 days and hunting adventure participants are guaranteed up to 3 full days of hunting.  We try to provide a full camping experience with each adventure but some trips have included hotel stays.  Regardless all expenses, training, outfitting, food, necessary licensing, taxidermy, meat preparation and fuel costs are covered by our fundraising efforts.

If you are filling out an application, please be sure and include any necessary and helpful information for us to make a decision on your youth’s request.   We ask that applications come to our foundation filled out with all requested information.  This includes a doctor’s medical verification of the youth’s condition and a release for them to participate, parent or guardians signature, applicants reason for applying and a photo of the applicant.  .

We look forward to receiving your child’s application.

2017 YOU Hunters and Anglers

Nathan Johnson – Bear Hunt – Yakima, WA

Josie Owen - Fishing Trip - Yakima, WA

Colton Owen - Big Game Hunt - Yakima, WA

Ryan Stahl - Elk Hunt - Stanfield, OR


2016 YOU Hunters and Anglers

Nate Wood – Bear Hunt – Chehalis, WA

Alex Snyder – Bear Hunt – Chehalis, WA

Bailey Miller – Bear Hunt – Chehalis, WA

Maegan Weiler – Bear Hunt – Yakima, WA 

Zach Sims – Bear Hunt – Spokane, WA

Riffe Holmes - Bear Hunt - Yelm, WA

 Caleb Ross – Fishing Trip – Spokane, WA

Sean Derrick – Fishing Trip – Banks, OR

Arley Couch – Deer Hunt – Montesano, WA

Tassin Tedeschi - Deer Hunt - Rainier, WA

Christopher Lindor - Deer Hunt - Anacortes, WA

Levi Smith - Deer Hunt - Kennewick, WA

Vince Smith - Deer Hunt - Kennewick, WA

Connor Steiger - Elk Hunt - Kendrick, ID

Jaymee Welch - Elk Hunt - Moses Lake, WA

Brian Moore - Elk Hunt - Spokane Valley, WA

Sarah Nelson – Elk Hunt – Moses Lake, WA


2015 YOU Hunters and Anglers

Mac Graff - Bear Hunt - Pasco, WA

Janelle Repp - Bear Hunt - Gig Harbor, WA

Drew Monsey - Bear Hunt – Canby, OR

Kennesy Reidt - Fishing Trip - Moses Lake, WA

KJ Wayne - Fishing Trip - Centralia, WA

Bella Carvalho - Fishing Trip - Spokane, WA

Kaylee Stine - Antelope Hunt - Moses Lake, WA

Logan Becker - Deer Hunt - Spokane Valley, WA

Drake Martin - Deer Hunt - Zillah, WA

Kobey Bonin - Deer Hunt - Banks, OR

Jace Malek – Moose Hunt - Spokane, WA

Alicia Kushner – Elk Hunt – Tacoma, WA


2014 YOU Hunters and Anglers

Amie Moore - Bear Hunt - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Dariece Steele - Beer Hunt - Olympia, WA

Amanda Harder - Fishing Trip - Moses Lake, WA

Ahmie Njie - Fishing Trip - Seattle, WA

Zane Magin - Deer Hunt - Mead, WA

Marion Balderas - Deer Hunt - Moses Lake, WA

James O'Neel - Deer Hunt - Deer Park, WA

Brenden Adams - Deer Hunt - Ellensburg, WA


2013 YOU Hunters and Anglers

Rochelle Schuh - Bear Hunt - Odessa, WA

Stephen Parker - Bear Hunt - Moses Lake, WA

Hayley Sorensen - Fishing Trip - Toledo, WA

Luke Shaffer - Fishing Trip - Coeur de'alene, ID

Isaiah Rigo - Deer Hunt - Cheney, WA

Victor Garcia - Deer Hunt - Moses Lake, WA

Micah Price - Turkey Hunt - Spokane, WA

Neimiah Cameron - Deer Hunt - Spokane, WA


2012 YOU Hunters and Anglers

Preston Alvarado - Fishing Trip - Ephrata, WA

Madison Curry - Fishing Trip - Deer Park, WA

Owen Bush - Deer Hunt - Yelm, WA

Bob Hunt - Deer Hunt - Chattaroy, WA

Zach Winkle - Deer Hunt - Eolia, MO



2011 YOU Hunters

Justin Ristine - Deer Hunt - Lake Stevens, WA

Mikey Williamson - Deer Hunt - Seattle, WA

Spencer Kimbro - Deer Hunt - Moses Lake, WA

Q: Who is eligible for a trip?
A: Disabled youth or youth with life-threatening illnesses are encouraged to apply for a dream fishing or hunting trip through Youth Outdoors Unlimited.

Q: Is there an age limit to the youth accepted into the program?
A: Youth applying for a hunting adventure must be able to pass a hunter's education class and must be under the age of 21 at the time of application. A youth applying for a fishing adventure can be eligible at a younger age but we encourage youth to be at least 8 years of age. Each application will be reviewed based on the youth applying. Please contact our Executive Director to discuss your application if you have any questions.

Q: If my child is interested in a dream hunting trip, what is required?
A: Youth wishing to go on a dream hunting trip are required to participate and pass a Hunter's education class. In the event that your youth has an inability to attend classes because of health reasons, please contact Youth Outdoors Unlimited for further assistance.

Q: Do I need to purchase my child's hunting or fishing license?
A: No, please contact Youth Outdoors Unlimited before any license purchase. Part of the program is purchasing neccessary licenses and/or tags for the dream trip.

Q: What is the family cost for a youth dream trip?
A: All related expenses for the youth's trip is covered by Youth Outdoors Unlimited; please visit our Trips Include tab for details of covered expenses. All expenses for the participating youth and 2 parents/guardians are covered. Additional family members wishing to attend the trip, over the covered members, are asked to make a financial contribution to the expenses for food.

Q: How many trips may my child participate in?
A: Because Youth Outdoors Unlimited spends extensive time and money on each youth and because of the need to provide trips to other youths, a participant is limited to one wish trip in a lifetime.

Q: How long are the trips?
A: Fishing trips are typically a 1 to 2 day trip. Y.O.U. guarantees a maximum 3 days of hunting. Hunting trips are 1-3 days.

Q: What if my child becomes ill before the planned trip?
A: Once a youth is accepted, in the event that the youth becomes ill, the trip will be completed when the youth can physically participate. Our application does require a physician's verification of disablity or illness, as well as a medical release before each trip is taken.

Q: What if my child does not successfully harvest an animal during his/her hunting trip?
A: Although the ultimate goal would be for every youth hunting to harvest an animal, the overall goal of Youth Outdoors Unlimited is to provide the experience of hunting camp, training and the lifelong interest in the outdoors. We do our best to provide opportunity for a youth to harvest an animal, but there is no guarentee.

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